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The organization faced problems with using several systems that solve different business problems using various technological approaches. The fragmentation of data in these systems and the absence of uniform reference data management rules resulted in the lack of a complete business picture. Additionally, the organization had complex methods for collecting and processing information from various sources, resulting in errors during the manual transfer of information between systems for analytics.
Business Case
A united data warehouse has been developed to aggregate data sets from various sources. This enabled the creation of report generating tools and analytical dashboards to effectively tackle the company's operational issues.
Due to the high volume of the data, the data collection was setup using Change Data Capture method, that allowed to avoid load on source databases.
What we did
How it helped
Reduced time and effort required for data collection and processing, resulting in increased efficiency
Enhanced data quality, ensuring accurate and reliable insights and analyses.
Creation of a central repository for data, promoting a unified and organized approach to data management.
Access to users to all data through the single UI
Technologies that we used
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