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Specializing in data visualization and software services, we are committed to delivering dynamic solutions that add value to our clients' projects.
Founded in 2013 by a group of passionate software engineering experts, Samgau embarked on its journey by offering a range of services to diverse clients. Starting in 2014, we made a dedicated effort to deepen our expertise in this field, embarking on a path of continuous improvement.

While working on dozens of other projects, we realized that data visualization is an indispensable component of every single project. In response, we established a dedicated team solely focused on data visualization and initiated the development of our own solutions and products designed to significantly expedite projects and reduce costs.

Moreover, in data analysis projects, one of our proudest accomplishments came to life in 2018 with the launch of the Procurement monitoring project, a solution that has since become a daily staple for over a dozen satisfied customers. Building on this success, we initiated the City Data Room project in 2019, which now serves several major cities, further showcasing our commitment to data-driven progress. A significant expansion took place in 2021 when we entered the financial world.

Our journey and dedication to excellence have culminated in the creation of products forged from our extensive experience. We bring a wealth of expertise to our client outreach and engagement, affirming our unwavering commitment to delivering value through dynamic data visualization solutions.
Our History
Our company is an embodiment of technical excellence, bringing together a vibrant team with unwavering dedication. With diverse experiences and backgrounds, we find new ways of visualizing the data that transforms your business.
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