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City Mayor’s office had to deal with a big amount of highly heterogenous data (economy, health care, public safety, infrastructure, traffic, public transportation etc.) The diverse nature of the data made it very challenging to collect and process.

The goal of this project is to enhance the growth of the legal economy and official employment by diminishing the shadow economy, improving business efficiency, and providing the city's leadership with pertinent and trustworthy information.
Business Case
We developed the Situation Center software that was designed to collect, analyze, visualize, and interpret data from various sources to aid in real-time decision-making and event management. There are more than 6 maps and over 1000 indicators within the framework of the situation center.
What we did
Firstly, the system helped to achieve data consistency, which is crucial for reliable decision-making and maintaining the integrity of governmental operations. This consistency leads to more trustworthy reports and forecasts, enabling the mayors’ office to make informed decisions that positively affect community services and operational efficiency.

Secondly, the data consolidation gave the ability to detect problems early. This proactive approach not only safeguards the city's budget but also reinforces the community's trust in their local government.

Lastly, the focus on problem areas allows for strategic allocation of resources, ensuring that attention and funds are directed where they are needed most.
How it helped
Technologies that we used
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