Procurement & Budget Monitoring for Efficiency
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The Budgeting department overviews the procurement process to ensure that all procurements are happening on time. Due to the size of their customer (with over 1000 branches) and the amount of the procurements happening per annum (over 100 thousand purchases), reporting is quite the challenging task.

Their current software solution used for procurement automation generates basic reports, but these reports don’t accommodate all of their business needs.
Business Case
We connected to the API of the procurement platform, extracted and transformed their data, built a UI for users to input additional information and presented the required information in the form of data grids (which analysts used to working in spreadsheets found very useful) and in the form of a dashboard (which was very helpful for upper management).
What we did
How it helped
Short-Term Effects
The project simplifies and streamlines reporting processes, reducing the time spent on report preparation across all business units.
It enables early identification of budget
non-compliance risks, allowing for swift corrective actions to be taken.
Streamlined Reporting
Through data analysis and tracking, the project pinpoints cost-saving opportunities, helping organizations make more efficient financial decisions.
Early Risk Detection
Cost Optimization
Cost Savings
Reduced Report Preparation Time
The time required to prepare reports is dramatically reduced, from 10 days to just 5 minutes. This leads to substantial time and resource savings.
Decision Support
By providing timely and accurate data,
the project facilitates informed decision-making, optimizing resource allocation and ultimately improving financial outcomes.
Technologies that we used
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