Deep Look
Use your local data in your BI systems
The question infuriates every BI developer
Your dashboard looks awesome!
By the way, where is the
"Download to Excel" button?
Problem we are solving

Companies spend a fortune on developing their data management infrastructure

Enormous amounts of data are neither structured nor automated due to their small size and high price for automation

People rely on MS Excel / Google Sheets to store, organize and process these kinds of data

Messy data causes problems with versioning, consistency management, audit trail, etc

Often, you must combine BI data with data from local files.

•Manual Excel upload is often complicated

•Working locally with the data downloaded from BI is inefficient

We revolutionize the data management process
•Download an Excel file from your BI software
•Analyze it on your computer
With DeepLook

•Input data directly into your BI software

•Analyze data with the entire, amazing power of this BI tool

Data management features
Excel / Google sheet data import
Excel-style data input grids
Data quality control rules
Access control and change log
Data analysis features
Visual data grid with drag-n-drop control
Data grouping, filtration and aggregation

Export data to Excel
What you get out of it

•Simplify data entry process

•In-depth analytics with all your data

•Manage your data in a safe and consistent way

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